Nightlife is Going Mobile – Is your Club Mobile?

Nightclub Marketing StrategiesDo you have a solid nightclub marketing strategy? Are you able to retain all of the business that you need to run a successful and profitable nightclub? The economy is not the greatest for building a successful business and nightclubs need something that sets them apart from all of the rest. Since nightclubs are easy to find and many run very pleasant specials, you have to work even harder to ensure you keep the business you have and continue to bring in more. With mobile marketing you’re going to be able to give yourself the advantage over the others. Continue Reading

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Fitness Marketing Plan and StrategyA fitness marketing plan that does not include SMS marketing is a fitness marketing plan that hasn’t seen its full potential. Text message marketing is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to contact, engage and interact with your clients. If you are not on the bandwagon yet, you should be.

Most segments of the fitness industry can benefit from text message marketing.   Health Club marketing plans, Gym marketing plans and even pilates studios and personal trainers can benefit from sms text message marketing.

Compliment your current marketing strategies with SMS

A fitness marketing plan that makes use of SMS marketing and uses it to complement the traditional advertising methods such as email, flyers, and snail mail, is a fitness marketing plan that promises new growth, optimum interactions with clients, and increased client loyalty. Continue Reading

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Golf Course’s and Country Clubs are Going Mobile

Golf Marketing with Mobile WebsitesIn today’s increasingly mobile world, any business with the foresight to create a mobile website is going to see immediate value from the effort, as well as increased revenue from doing so. Golf courses are no exception.

Smartphone use is on the rise, and is projected to soon outpace the numbers of people who access the internet from a PC. Since golfers tend to be more affluent and technically savvy, it isn’t difficult to surmise that many of them are smartphone users. As you watch your golfers walk through the clubhouse and make their way around the course, notice how many of them have smartphone in hand. Continue Reading

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Universities are using SMS Text Marketing for School Recruiting as well as SMS Alerts for Students

School SMS Marketing Text AlertsAs a school recruiter you act as a sort of middleman between your school’s administration and prospective students. You shuttle information between the two, making it accessible to those who most need it and whom the administration is most interested in attracting.

You probably spend a lot of time going to various fairs and talking to high school students, handing out brochures and informational booklets. But once those events are over, the connection is severed. Maybe they visit the school website and read through the brochure. Continue Reading

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Mobile Coupons for RestaurantsRestaurant mobile coupons are changing the way consumers dine out in California. There were websites in recent years that began offering coupons for restaurants. A consumer simply had to pay perhaps $25 for a restaurant voucher that would get them $50 worth of food at a nearby restaurant. Now, mobile coupons make it even easier. Locate a restaurant mobile coupon, pull it up on a smartphone or other mobile device, and show it to the restaurant’s server. No clipping out coupons, no printing the coupon on a printer, no money paid up front to get the coupon.

A big part of dining out is the spontaneity. Continue Reading

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Tanning Salons and Mobile Marketing

SMS Mobile Marketing for Tanning SalonsThere is a lot of tanning salon competition out there in California. Traditional, run-of-the-mill advertising isn’t going to provide customers with adequate incentives to choose your tanning salon over all of the others. You need to make your tanning salon stand out of the crowd. Give it a personal touch.

There is one proven and effective way to provide this personal touch for customers quickly and at low cost. It is called mobile marketing. Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

Mobile Marketing for Tanning Salons – An Overview

Mobile marketing is fastest way to provide interactive marketing to the greatest number of customers at once. Continue Reading

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