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Nightlife is Going Mobile – Is your Club Mobile?

Nightclub Marketing StrategiesDo you have a solid nightclub marketing strategy? Are you able to retain all of the business that you need to run a successful and profitable nightclub? The economy is not the greatest for building a successful business and nightclubs need something that sets them apart from all of the rest. Since nightclubs are easy to find and many run very pleasant specials, you have to work even harder to ensure you keep the business you have and continue to bring in more. With mobile marketing you’re going to be able to give yourself the advantage over the others. Continue Reading

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Auto Dealers are Investing in Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing, Apps and Mobile Websites

car dealer marketing strategiesThese days, there are a lot of ways that consumers can research information about cars online. Car Dealerships are facing stiff competition and traditional marketing initiatives are expensive. Why waste all of that money on old, tired marketing strategies, when you can take advantage of mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is affordable and effective. It’s also new, and although 49 million companies might sound like a lot (that’s the estimated number currently taking advantage of mobile marketing) it really isn’t. In many ways, mobile marketing is an entirely new frontier. Continue Reading

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Outsourcing even works for Mobile Phone Marketing Plans

Outsourcing MobileIf you are considering working on new websites or mobile marketing strategies, you may want to look at some outsourcing services. With an outsource service, you can post what you’re looking for and find a freelancer that will take care of the job for you, generally at very little cost. You are able to choose the amount of money you want to spend on each job and then post the job online. This allows you to reach the masses, to get in touch with people from anywhere to do the job that you want done. Continue Reading

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Fitness Marketing Plan and StrategyA fitness marketing plan that does not include SMS marketing is a fitness marketing plan that hasn’t seen its full potential. Text message marketing is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to contact, engage and interact with your clients. If you are not on the bandwagon yet, you should be.

Most segments of the fitness industry can benefit from text message marketing.   Health Club marketing plans, Gym marketing plans and even pilates studios and personal trainers can benefit from sms text message marketing.

Compliment your current marketing strategies with SMS

A fitness marketing plan that makes use of SMS marketing and uses it to complement the traditional advertising methods such as email, flyers, and snail mail, is a fitness marketing plan that promises new growth, optimum interactions with clients, and increased client loyalty. Continue Reading

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Tanning Salons and Mobile Marketing

SMS Mobile Marketing for Tanning SalonsThere is a lot of tanning salon competition out there in California. Traditional, run-of-the-mill advertising isn’t going to provide customers with adequate incentives to choose your tanning salon over all of the others. You need to make your tanning salon stand out of the crowd. Give it a personal touch.

There is one proven and effective way to provide this personal touch for customers quickly and at low cost. It is called mobile marketing. Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

Mobile Marketing for Tanning Salons – An Overview

Mobile marketing is fastest way to provide interactive marketing to the greatest number of customers at once. Continue Reading

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Retail Mobile Marketing

Retail mobile marketing, QR codes, Mobile Coupons, and even SMS marketing should be an important part of any California retailer’s marketing strategy, because mobile is a growing part of consumers’ everyday lives. Reports of consumer activity during the 2011 holiday shopping season show that online shopping grew by over 13 percent, while spending inside brick and mortar stores only increased by 2.8 percent. Furthermore, The Nielsen Company reports that 40% of that online holiday shopping was done via mobile device. Mobile use is only expected to increase as time goes by.

As consumers continue to get more comfortable with shopping online and using mobile to do it, retailers will need to make sure they have a well-designed mobile website to cater to these shoppers. Continue Reading

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