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Golf Mobile MarketingGolf marketing has taken a big step into the future in California with the use of text message marketing. Golf courses and clubhouses have realized the many benefits of connecting with their golfers via mobile. The use of mobile devices and smartphones is on the rise; any business who takes advantage of this fact is going to benefit in many ways.

Golf marketing used to rely heavily on traditional means of advertising, including flyers, newspaper and television ads, and billboards. The trouble with these methods is that they aren’t reaching only golfers. Many of the people who see ads for golf courses aren’t paying any attention because they don’t even own their own set of golf clubs. Continue Reading

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Mobile Websites for Restaurants

Mobile WebsitesIn this day and age, websites are not just a convenience, they are a necessity. The same is quickly becoming true of mobile websites. Technology in every sector of the economy is advancing rapidly, but none more so than mobile technology. If you want your restaurant to succeed, you need to make a mobile website or risk getting left behind.

Mobile Websites for Restaurants: What’s the Advantage?

It is safe to say that almost everyone has a mobile phone, and the vast majority of these phones come equipped with web browsers. However, because of the size and computing power of these mobile devices, traditional websites either don’t work as well, or don’t work at all. Continue Reading

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Retail Mobile Marketing

Retail mobile marketing, QR codes, Mobile Coupons, and even SMS marketing should be an important part of any California retailer’s marketing strategy, because mobile is a growing part of consumers’ everyday lives. Reports of consumer activity during the 2011 holiday shopping season show that online shopping grew by over 13 percent, while spending inside brick and mortar stores only increased by 2.8 percent. Furthermore, The Nielsen Company reports that 40% of that online holiday shopping was done via mobile device. Mobile use is only expected to increase as time goes by.

As consumers continue to get more comfortable with shopping online and using mobile to do it, retailers will need to make sure they have a well-designed mobile website to cater to these shoppers. Continue Reading

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Day Spa Marketing

Spa mobile MarketingSMS marketing is here to stay in California! In 2012, SMS marketing has grown by 75% because it works! Businesses everywhere have realized how beneficial switching to mobile marketing can be and they are not going to stop now! Day spa marketing has to consist of mobile marketing to ensure the ability to grown and be strong through the tough economy. Day spa marketing has to change with the times to ensure they get new customers, continue to have their current customers, and invite back old customers. Don’t allow your business to go to someone else’s day spa; you owe it to your company to give it a chance to succeed. Continue Reading

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