Start_Mobile_Marketing_CompanyJoin the mobile revolution by starting your own mobile marketing company.  Millions of cell phone users are turning to their phones to surf the net and communicate, and small businesses want to reach them.  Your company can be the tool that allows them to do it.

Low Cost to Start a Mobile Marketing Business

Starting a business costs money, making the barrier to entry high for many people.  You can start a mobile marketing business for a very low cost or even free by using the white label and mobile reseller programs available through these companies listed below.

Sell Mobile Marketing Services to Small Businesses

Businesses across all industries can benefit from mobile marketing, including:

  • Travel Agencies
  • Medical Providers
  • Restaurants
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Retailers
  • Non profits
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Service Industries
  • Auto Dealers

Best Mobile Marketing Reseller Program Providers


Trumpia White Label SMS Program Review

About Trumpia

Trumpia Review Free TrialTrumpia stands out for its All-in-One marketing solutions.  Continue Reading

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marijuana mobile marketing planWhat happens when medical marijuana goes mobile with SMS and mobile websites? The future begins!

Mobile marketing is the greatest form of marketing to date. With mobile marketing you have the ability to reach more people faster.

With SMS marketing, you have the ability to contact people right at their finger tips, just like you would your friends or family.  Medical marijuana marketing needs to go mobile to take advantage of this powerful new technology.

Mobile marketing has many different facets and concepts that are helpful to many different types of businesses. The medical marijuana business will boom once you’ve started your mobile marketing strategy. Continue Reading

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Text Message Marketing The basic gist in recent text message marketing news is this: text message marketing isn’t going anywhere. It continues to be an effective part of a mobile marketing campaign for any business.

It is widely understood that most people are texting now, whether they own a basic cell phone or the latest and greatest smartphone. Texting reaches a wide audience, has a high response rate and is extremely cost-effective to use.

Text Message Marketing is here to Stay!

Text message marketing isn’t just staying; it also continues to grow. Most recently, text message donations were approved for use by political campaigns. Continue Reading

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Mobile Website Software Reviews

Every company and every business owner faces the dilemma of having a mobile website that is attractive and can be used to further their mobile marketing strategy. Many mobile sites are very complicated so this isMobile Website Software Reviews a review of which mobile design software companies provide mobile website builder software that is sophisticated enough to stand out in the clutter of mobile website builders and yet simple enough for the average user to use.

What is the Best Mobile Website Builder Software

We have tested and reviewed over 25 mobile website builders and online mobile website CMS platforms.  Continue Reading

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Take your Bar & Nightclub Marketing Plan to new Hights

Bar and Nightclub Marketing StrategiesMobile marketing is quickly establishing itself as one of the most cost-effective strategies available to business owners today. For bars and nightclubs, in particular, it has proven to be the best marketing strategy, by far, and it makes sense.

Nightclubs and Bars are social establishments – They need to engage with their customers on a social level. In this day and age, technology – mobile technology in particular – is the way that more and more people are socially interacting. It is familiar and comfortable for them.

Why Your Nightclub or Bar Needs Mobile Marketing

Just consider the demographic your nightclub or bar is trying to reach. Continue Reading

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Mobile Marketing is Now a Must for any Nonprofit interested in Mobile Donations

Nonprofit SMS Marketing and DonationsMobile marketing for nonprofit organizations is growing for many of the same reasons that it is growing in all areas of business and industry. Mobility is the way to go for the future of commerce and technology.

If your nonprofit wants to stay on top of the latest trends in marketing and communication, then an SMS text marketing campaign is a must. Read on to find out exactly how a mobile marketing campaign with text message marketing can help your nonprofit reach out and stay in contact with both donors and volunteers. Continue Reading

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