Create a Mobile Website for Your Golf Course

by Michael Armstrong

Golf Course’s and Country Clubs are Going Mobile

Golf Marketing with Mobile WebsitesIn today’s increasingly mobile world, any business with the foresight to create a mobile website is going to see immediate value from the effort, as well as increased revenue from doing so. Golf courses are no exception.

Smartphone use is on the rise, and is projected to soon outpace the numbers of people who access the internet from a PC. Since golfers tend to be more affluent and technically savvy, it isn’t difficult to surmise that many of them are smartphone users. As you watch your golfers walk through the clubhouse and make their way around the course, notice how many of them have smartphone in hand. These are probably the first people your new mobile website will reach.

Get your Golf Marketing Plan in Gear

A good golf marketing strategy starts with a mobile website. Think about what matters the most to your golfers as you decide what to include. Accurate weather forecasts that update by the hour will definitely be valued by your golfers. The option to check available tee times, and then reserve one if desired is a must. A mobile website should be customized for different viewing screens, and able to download quickly. A mobile website for your golf course that includes these basic things is going to give your course an edge over courses in your area without one.

Importance of a Golf Course Mobile Website

The importance of a great mobile website will prove itself to you as it increases the traffic on the course, boosts membership fees and increases the loyalty of your customers. Providing a good mobile website experience engages smartphone users and makes them feel that you care about them and not just about their business. Studies have shown that a good mobile website that engages their customers keeps them doing business with you.

Golf Marketing Training

As you create a mobile website, keep your golfers in mind. What specific features of a mobile website will they find the most value in? One great feature, as already mentioned, is the ability to book tee times. No matter where they may be during the course of the day, this feature lets golfers check what tee times may be available and then reserve one if it meets their needs. Another feature included in many different types of mobile websites is a click-to-call button. This button lets smartphone users call your course with one click, making it so they don’t have to stop and look up the number first. This is one feature that all smartphone users, including golfers, really appreciate the thoughtfulness of.

How to Create a Mobile Website for your Golf Course

Create a mobile website easier by outsourcing the job using one of the top outsourcing websites like Odesk or Elance. You can do it yourself if you have an understanding of mobile website development, but most people only know how to enjoy a mobile website.

Make your life easier and convert your desktop website for mobile viewing in as little as one click with a great service such as DudaMobile. DudaMobile is an online resource where you can optimize an existing website via a simple one-click conversion, or hire them to completely customize your mobile website to your specifications. Whichever way you choose, optimizing your website for mobile viewing will only lead to more traffic on your golf course.

Get your golf marketing plan in gear and Go Mobile with Apps, SMS marketing and mobile phone websites!

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