Does Your Fitness Marketing Plan Include SMS Marketing

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Fitness Marketing Plan and StrategyA fitness marketing plan that does not include SMS marketing is a fitness marketing plan that hasn’t seen its full potential. Text message marketing is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to contact, engage and interact with your clients. If you are not on the bandwagon yet, you should be.

Most segments of the fitness industry can benefit from text message marketing.   Health Club marketing plans, Gym marketing plans and even pilates studios and personal trainers can benefit from sms text message marketing.

Compliment your current marketing strategies with SMS

A fitness marketing plan that makes use of SMS marketing and uses it to complement the traditional advertising methods such as email, flyers, and snail mail, is a fitness marketing plan that promises new growth, optimum interactions with clients, and increased client loyalty. Your clients love mobile because they are increasingly mobile. SMS marketing gives you the ability to find them wherever they are.

Text marketing for fitness may seem incongruous, but it is not.

SMS marketing strategies are effective at encouraging your clients to live healthier lives. Through text message marketing, you can encourage your members to work out, to bring friends and family with them, and to take better care of themselves. An text message with a fitness tip or a motivational quote sent before the biggest workout times of the day will help motivate your members to make sure they make it to the gym that day. SMS text reminders that exercise will speed up the metabolism, get the brain working better and provide more energy are another incentive for your clients to come in and make the most of their gym membership.

Mobile Coupons for Health Clubs, Gyms and Trainers

Fitness SMS marketing strategies such as mobile coupons are a good way to get discounts and promotions into the hands of your clients. Coupons and ads in newspapers or on flyers are ignored or sometimes missed, but mobile coupons go right into the palm of your clients’ hands. Mobile coupons increase your customer base in an effective way. Just send a coupon to your clients offering a discount for a guest, or a free guest pass good for a week. Every guest brought in has the potential to become another member. Reminders sent via SMS help keep business running smoothly. Remind clients about their scheduled classes to avoid holes and missed appointments. When monthly or yearly membership fees come due, send reminders to those clients to cut down on late payments.

Best SMS Text Message Marketing Companies for Health Clubs, Fitness Centers and Gyms

Fitness Text Message Marketing Ideas

Other information pertinent to your members is a good thing to send in a text message. Let your clients know about upcoming classes, additions to the schedule, or new trainers you have hired. If a class must be canceled for any reason, SMS marketing makes it a simple matter to alert those who had signed up for it. When new classes start or new equipment is brought in, SMS alerts notify your clients so that they can take advantage of it and keep the gym busy.

SMS marketing gives your clients more value for their dollar. Use text message marketing to provide your clients with fitness tips, healthy eating ideas, and other helpful information to help them be live better even when they are not at the gym. Through mobile text marketing, you can also conduct polls to find out what things your clients enjoy most about your gym, as well as things they think could be improved. You can also conduct text contests with prizes such as free memberships or sessions with a personal trainer.

If your fitness marketing plan does not yet include SMS marketing, there is help available. SMS marketers such as Trumpia or Tantango are resources to help you get started. Both offer easy-to-use software and free trial periods that make adding SMS marketing to your fitness marketing plan practically painless.


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Andrew French December 26, 2012 at 11:30 am

A good way to start marketing a gym is with a text ad. Most people who are out texting on smart phones could use some fitness anyway, so it is a great way to advertise to your target audience.