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Golf Course’s and Country Clubs are Going Mobile

Golf Marketing with Mobile WebsitesIn today’s increasingly mobile world, any business with the foresight to create a mobile website is going to see immediate value from the effort, as well as increased revenue from doing so. Golf courses are no exception.

Smartphone use is on the rise, and is projected to soon outpace the numbers of people who access the internet from a PC. Since golfers tend to be more affluent and technically savvy, it isn’t difficult to surmise that many of them are smartphone users. As you watch your golfers walk through the clubhouse and make their way around the course, notice how many of them have smartphone in hand. Continue Reading

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Golf Mobile MarketingGolf marketing has taken a big step into the future in California with the use of text message marketing. Golf courses and clubhouses have realized the many benefits of connecting with their golfers via mobile. The use of mobile devices and smartphones is on the rise; any business who takes advantage of this fact is going to benefit in many ways.

Golf marketing used to rely heavily on traditional means of advertising, including flyers, newspaper and television ads, and billboards. The trouble with these methods is that they aren’t reaching only golfers. Many of the people who see ads for golf courses aren’t paying any attention because they don’t even own their own set of golf clubs. Continue Reading

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