marijuana mobile marketing planWhat happens when medical marijuana goes mobile with SMS and mobile websites? The future begins!

Mobile marketing is the greatest form of marketing to date. With mobile marketing you have the ability to reach more people faster.

With SMS marketing, you have the ability to contact people right at their finger tips, just like you would your friends or family.  Medical marijuana marketing needs to go mobile to take advantage of this powerful new technology.

Mobile marketing has many different facets and concepts that are helpful to many different types of businesses. The medical marijuana business will boom once you’ve started your mobile marketing strategy. Continue Reading

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Fitness Marketing Plan and StrategyA fitness marketing plan that does not include SMS marketing is a fitness marketing plan that hasn’t seen its full potential. Text message marketing is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to contact, engage and interact with your clients. If you are not on the bandwagon yet, you should be.

Most segments of the fitness industry can benefit from text message marketing.   Health Club marketing plans, Gym marketing plans and even pilates studios and personal trainers can benefit from sms text message marketing.

Compliment your current marketing strategies with SMS

A fitness marketing plan that makes use of SMS marketing and uses it to complement the traditional advertising methods such as email, flyers, and snail mail, is a fitness marketing plan that promises new growth, optimum interactions with clients, and increased client loyalty. Continue Reading

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Health Club Mobile AppsMobile apps for health clubs and gyms give you an unlimited amount of possibilities. With mobile apps for health clubs you’re going to be able to take suggestions from your clients and give them the specific guidance they need, directly on their cell phones. With mobile apps for gyms you won’t have to constantly call and inform your clients of new events coming up, or hope they come in to see them on your billboard. Mobile apps for health clubs and gyms allow you to help your clients track their goals from the comfort of their own home and on their own phone. Continue Reading

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