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Realtors Need to Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy with Apps, SMS, QR Codes and Mobile Websites

Real Estate Mobile Marketing StrategiesHave you developed your real estate marketing plan? Are you missing out on business that you wish you’d be able to capture? We understand where you’re coming from. In today’s tough economy, the market makes it harder to build your business and be successful, but we have a solution for you! Real estate mobile marketing is one of the newest and easiest marketing strategies to have ever been developed!

Why do Realtores need a Mobile Plan

With real estate mobile phone marketing you’re able to be in complete contact with your clients at all times. Continue Reading

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Real Estate Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for RealtorsMobile marketing is becoming essential for any business including real estate agents in California. Within the three main types of mobile marketing – mobile web, text message marketing, and mobile applications – the most powerful tool, in terms of software, is certainly the mobile app.

There are many ways that real estate agents can take advantage of mobile applications and the power that they afford. Here are just a few.

Real Estate Agents – Show Off Your Listings with Mobile Apps

One of the wonderful things about mobile applications is their speed. Compared to websites, which must load with every visit, apps are lightning fast. Continue Reading

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