Medical Marijuana Marketing Goes Mobile with SMS, Mobile Sites

by Michael Armstrong

marijuana mobile marketing planWhat happens when medical marijuana goes mobile with SMS and mobile websites? The future begins!

Mobile marketing is the greatest form of marketing to date. With mobile marketing you have the ability to reach more people faster.

With SMS marketing, you have the ability to contact people right at their finger tips, just like you would your friends or family.  Medical marijuana marketing needs to go mobile to take advantage of this powerful new technology.

Mobile marketing has many different facets and concepts that are helpful to many different types of businesses. The medical marijuana business will boom once you’ve started your mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is quick and easy to get started and it’s extremely cost effective. Through mobile marketing you’ll finally say good-bye to those expensive ads you presently use.

marijuana marketing strategy

Mobile marketing has many benefits, but we’re going to go over just a few to help you understand how important mobile marketing can be.

  • Allows you to reach your patients at any time
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Easily accessible – Everyone has a mobile phone
  • Convenient
  • Fun

Marijuana Text Message Marketing

Mobile marketing will allow you to reach your patients at any time. What does this mean? That’s simple. Through mobile marketing you’re going to be able to utilize things such as SMS marketing. SMS marketing allows you to send out text or SMS messages to your patients at any time.

marijuana mobile phone marketing

You choose whom you’d like to contact and what you’d like to inform them of. You can turn your clients into VIPs and make them feel more important than anyone else ever would. You have the ability to send out mass messages and invite clients to specials meetings or events. Your options are endless.

Mobile Websites for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Mobile marketing is fast and easy. Mobile marketing can begin with a mobile website for your dispensary. That’s the easiest thing you could start with on your medical marijuana marketing plan.

A mobile website is generally as easy as contacting your website hosting company and letting them know you want a mobile website. They generally take care of the hard work and you are ready to go viral by the very next day. Text message marketing is also very quick and easy.

Mobile Websites for Marijuana Dispensary

Medical_Marijuana_Text_MessagesMedical Marijuana Mobile VIP Program

You can start a database in store when your clients come in and invite them to join your VIP group. They’ll give you their mobile phone number and you’ll be able to send them messages informing them of any updates whenever you want to.

Mobile marketing is easily accessible. Oh so easy! The general public uses their mobile devices to search the web more than they use their computers. Through started your mobile marketing campaign you’re making your information more easily accessible to this huge group of people who don’t even own a computer.

Medical-Marijuana-marketingThe convenience of a mobile site or SMS marketing should be pretty self explanatory. Mobile marketing is convenient for you since you can change up your information quickly and easily – and as often as you’d like. Mobile marketing is convenient for your clients because it’s so much faster and easier to use on a mobile device than standard websites.

Lastly, mobile marketing is fun. You read that right. It’s fun because you get to use your own imagination to choose what you do next. Your options are as endless as your ideas. You choose when you want to set up ideas and you choose who you invite, where you go, what you do, etc. You hold the entire future of your ideas in the palm of your hands.

Medical marijuana is going mobile with SMS and mobile sites, and you have to get on board and go mobile too. Now is the time to get started! Move into the future today.

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