Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents

by Michael Armstrong

Real Estate Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for RealtorsMobile marketing is becoming essential for any business including real estate agents in California. Within the three main types of mobile marketing – mobile web, text message marketing, and mobile applications – the most powerful tool, in terms of software, is certainly the mobile app.

There are many ways that real estate agents can take advantage of mobile applications and the power that they afford. Here are just a few.

Real Estate Agents – Show Off Your Listings with Mobile Apps

One of the wonderful things about mobile applications is their speed. Compared to websites, which must load with every visit, apps are lightning fast. All of the information is already loaded onto the user’s mobile device; all they have to do is access it.

One way to take advantage of this is to include extensive videos and photo galleries with every listing on your mobile app. Provide users with a virtual tour of each of the houses you have up for sale, whether it’s via a video or a slideshow of photographs.

One-Click Showing Sign-Up

Another way that real estate agents can take advantage of mobile apps is by including an option for users to schedule a showing for a particular listing. Don’t worry about the hassle of manually maintaining a schedule. By including this option within a mobile app, you can provide users with a list of available times. From there, they select the time slot that suits them and provide you with all of the necessary information.

Map it Out

This option goes hand-in-hand with the one above. After users sign-up for a showing, your mobile app can provide them with directions to the house by utilizing their mobile device’s GPS.

The Bottom Line – Real Estate Agents Can Increase Efficiency with Mobile Apps

The most powerful thing that mobile apps can provide real estate agents is time.

Waste less time with prospects that may or may not be interested. By providing them with the ability to find out all of this information on their own, you’ll only be contacted by those who are seriously interested in the homes you have up for sale.

Waste less time in the early stages. You won’t have to worry about scheduling or providing prospects with directions, etc. You can focus all of your efforts on making sure that your prospects’ needs are satisfied.

Don’t waste time running around. When you make all of this information available via a mobile app, you won’t have to spend your time shuffling clients from one place to the next. You can target your sales to those listings that your clients already know they are interested in and avoid ones that they know they are not.

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California Mobile Marketing including SMS Marketing, Mobile Phone Websites, Mobile Phone Advertising and Mobile Apps is changing everything.  Mobile Marketing in California is taking off.  If you’re a California Real Estate Agent interested in learning more about mobile marketing strategies, you have come to the right place.

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