Mobile Marketing Strategies for Car Dealerships

by Michael Armstrong

Auto Dealers are Investing in Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing, Apps and Mobile Websites

car dealer marketing strategiesThese days, there are a lot of ways that consumers can research information about cars online. Car Dealerships are facing stiff competition and traditional marketing initiatives are expensive. Why waste all of that money on old, tired marketing strategies, when you can take advantage of mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is affordable and effective. It’s also new, and although 49 million companies might sound like a lot (that’s the estimated number currently taking advantage of mobile marketing) it really isn’t. In many ways, mobile marketing is an entirely new frontier.

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Automotive Dealerships

Here are two strategies for car dealerships that want to take advantage of mobile marketing. Think of them as the launching point for an entirely new realm of possibilities.

Mobile Marketing for Car Dealers – Strategy Number 1 – QR Codes

QR codes are an excellent way for car dealerships to take advantage of mobile marketing. Place unique codes on each car in your lot. Customers can walk up, snap a picture with their mobile device, and instantly access all of the information they could ever want about that particular model.

You can also include QR codes with traditional advertising and marketing initiatives to increase the exposure of your mobile website. Don’t have a mobile website? Well get one. With the help of the mobile web professionals at Dudamobile it’s simple. They have a wide selection of plans for every budget.

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Mobile Marketing for Car Dealerships – Strategy Number 2 – Location Marketing

When you utilize any kind of mobile advertising, take advantage of location-based services, such as GPS, to allow customers to find your dealership on the map. Using their mobile phones, they’ll be able to quickly access directions right to your front door.

Mobile Marketing for Auto Dealerships – It’s Not About How, It’s About When

With companies like Dudamobile out there to help you every step of the way, mobile marketing isn’t a matter of how, but a matter of when. When are you going to stop waiting around and take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to market your business?

Neil Gale, who has a Ph.D. in Business Management, says that, in the car dealership industry, those who succeed are those who take the first steps. Everyone else who waits around to see whether or not marketing initiative work end up running to catch up and fall far behind.

If you’re using WordPress, those first steps are actually just a first step. That’s because, thanks to the brilliant minds behind WP Touch you can utilize their plug-in and turn your current website into one that is optimized for mobile use with just a single click.

When it comes to mobile marketing, it’s a matter of speed. The faster you are to take advantage of the dynamic possibilities out there, the faster you’ll be able to start your journey to the top of your industry.

Head over to Dudamobile or WP Touch today. Don’t wait another minute.


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