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marijuana mobile marketing planWhat happens when medical marijuana goes mobile with SMS and mobile websites? The future begins!

Mobile marketing is the greatest form of marketing to date. With mobile marketing you have the ability to reach more people faster.

With SMS marketing, you have the ability to contact people right at their finger tips, just like you would your friends or family.  Medical marijuana marketing needs to go mobile to take advantage of this powerful new technology.

Mobile marketing has many different facets and concepts that are helpful to many different types of businesses. The medical marijuana business will boom once you’ve started your mobile marketing strategy. Continue Reading

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Tanning Salons and Mobile Marketing

SMS Mobile Marketing for Tanning SalonsThere is a lot of tanning salon competition out there in California. Traditional, run-of-the-mill advertising isn’t going to provide customers with adequate incentives to choose your tanning salon over all of the others. You need to make your tanning salon stand out of the crowd. Give it a personal touch.

There is one proven and effective way to provide this personal touch for customers quickly and at low cost. It is called mobile marketing. Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

Mobile Marketing for Tanning Salons – An Overview

Mobile marketing is fastest way to provide interactive marketing to the greatest number of customers at once. Continue Reading

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