Nightclub Marketing Strategy – How to Get Mobile

by Michael Armstrong

Nightlife is Going Mobile – Is your Club Mobile?

Nightclub Marketing StrategiesDo you have a solid nightclub marketing strategy? Are you able to retain all of the business that you need to run a successful and profitable nightclub? The economy is not the greatest for building a successful business and nightclubs need something that sets them apart from all of the rest. Since nightclubs are easy to find and many run very pleasant specials, you have to work even harder to ensure you keep the business you have and continue to bring in more. With mobile marketing you’re going to be able to give yourself the advantage over the others.

Why do Nightclubs Need a Mobile Phone Marketing Strategy?

Nightclub Mobile marketing allows you to contact your customers in real time and invite them in for discounted drinks on your slow nights. With mobile coupons you’re going to be able to send your customers coupons through text message marketing inviting them in on ‘this’ day at ‘this’ time for a buy one get one free special. You have all of the power in your hands when you switch to mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing allows you to target specific people or groups and to advertise to them in real time. You’ll no longer be wondering what time the radio is passing your information on to your general public, you’ll know they’re receiving the message right now, every time!

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Mobile Marketing Companies for Nightclubs

Mobile marketing companies are everywhere anymore. It’s overwhelming at times trying to decide which mobile marketing company would be best for you and your business. That’s okay, we understand how frustrating the search can be but there is hope in your future! Mobile marketing companies generally sell much of the same benefits such as text message marketing, mobile coupons and building of QR codes. You just have to decide which suits your budget the best. Lucky for you, there are many mobile marketing companies that have free trials that will allow you to try the concept of mobile marketing before you buy.

Nightclub QR Code Marketing

QR codes are designed to look much like bar codes, but with QR codes you’re able to text message the QR code to your customers and when they click on the code they’ll be linked to your mobile website. This allows you to transmit tons of information in much less time and by using up much less space. Your options for QR codes are endless since you build the code and send it out. You’ll be able to link the QR code to mobile websites as we’ve said, but also to mobile coupons, to special events, to happy hours and much more! If you can think it you can achieve it!

The mobile marketing software that you are going to receive from your mobile marketing agency is going to be the key that you need to open your doors of success. Once you’ve set up your nightclub marketing strategy you’ll start to see a turn-around in your books and your budget. With mobile marketing you are able to do so much more, so much faster than with regular advertisement.

Your business will actually have the chance to do more than survive the tough economy, but also beat the tough economy!

Your nightclub marketing strategy needs to include mobile phone marketing. Go and test out a free trial offer and allow your nightclub the chance to survive. In today’s world, not having mobile marketing as part of your nightclub marketing strategy means you are already losing money. You owe it to yourself to try it and we know you’ll love the results!



Get your nightclub marketing strategy in gear and Go Mobile with mobile apps, text marketing and mobile phone websites!

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