Real Estate Marketing Plan – Get a Mobile Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

Realtors Need to Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy with Apps, SMS, QR Codes and Mobile Websites

Real Estate Mobile Marketing StrategiesHave you developed your real estate marketing plan? Are you missing out on business that you wish you’d be able to capture? We understand where you’re coming from. In today’s tough economy, the market makes it harder to build your business and be successful, but we have a solution for you! Real estate mobile marketing is one of the newest and easiest marketing strategies to have ever been developed!

Why do Realtores need a Mobile Plan

With real estate mobile phone marketing you’re able to be in complete contact with your clients at all times. You’re going to be able to use text message marketing to contact your clients in real time to tell them about open houses and other special events. You’ll be able to send out bulk text messages with codes that will link your clients back to your mobile website and allow them to browse all homes that you personally have up for sale and even set up viewings for the homes they like! This will save you a lot of additional work trying to decide for them what types of homes they’d want to view, they’ll be able to see them online and inform you of what works best for them or what looks most like what they’re looking for.

SMS Text Marketing & Mobile Websites for Real Estate Agents

SMS marketing and mobile websites allow your clients to be free of the restraints of their computers. 90% of Americans admit that they use their mobile phones to do their research for them rather than using their computers at home. If you have a mobile website you’re going to get twice as much traffic, on average, than you would with just a regular website. With mobile marketing you’re going to be able to invite new potential home buyers and home sellers to view your mobile website and even invite them in for a consultation or a home viewing. Your options are endless with mobile marketing; if you can think it you can make it happen!

Building a mobile website may not be something you have much knowledge in and that is okay because now there are many outsourcing companies that will be able to help you build your mobile website. With outsourcing you can have someone work on your mobile app development as well and possibly have both a mobile website and mobile app built at the same price you’d normally pay just for one or the other. You’re going to find that mobile marketing services are everywhere and that you can make anything happen, whether you personally have experience in doing so or not.

Real Estate Marketing Training Course

Being part of the mobile marketing association is a reasonable way to build your real estate business and a great place to start your real estate marketing plan. Your real estate marketing plan will mostly consist of your mobile marketing strategies because they truly work. If you’re not making the money that you’d like to be making then mobile marketing is definitely for you. Since mobile marketing is a cost effective way to advertise yourself and your services you’re going to spend out far less and receive far more results.

Build your Real Estate Marketing Plan and Include Mobile

Real estate marketing plans are important and the way you choose to set up your marketing plan will determine whether or not you reach the success you desire or not. Your real estate marketing plan must include mobile marketing. Have a look at the benefits of mobile marketing and learn for yourself how beneficial it can be for you and your business today!



Get your real estate marketing plan in gear and Go Mobile with mobile apps, SMS marketing and mobile websites!

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