Restaurant Mobile Coupons – Which Text Message Marketing Software to Use

by Michael Armstrong

Your Restaurant Marketing Plan Must Evolve to Include SMS Marketing and Mobile Coupons

Restaurant Mobile Phone Marketing PlanMobile this, mobile that, what’s so special about mobile? Well, for one thing, it’s cheap, and for another thing, people pay more attention to it. You could print a million fliers and send a million text messages – every one of those fliers might be ignored, but nearly every one of those text messages will be read.

In the world of mobile, there are few things more cost-effective than mobile coupons. Here’s why

Mobile Coupons for Restaurants: What’s the Advantage?

You might be saying to yourself, I have regular coupons already, why do I need to get mobile ones. Here are a few reasons right off the bat:

  • Printing Costs – with mobile coupons, there are none. You don’t have to pay a cent that you aren’t already paying for whatever mobile marketing software you choose to use (more on that later)
  • Ease of Use – customers don’t have to cut out your coupons or carry them around. After all, they already bring their mobile phone with them everywhere, so there’s nothing extra to remember. They have your coupon with them all the time and they know that, which can only increase the likelihood that they’ll stop by and use it.
  • Reach Customers on the Go – with traditional coupons, you had one chance to give them to customers. Now, wherever they are, you can send them your coupon and they’ve got it. It’s that simple.

Mobile Coupons for Restaurants: When Should I Send Them?

With traditional coupons, there isn’t much of a choice, but with mobile coupons, the possibilities of strategically sending your coupons at key times open up.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • In a Pinch – having a rough weekend? Too many empty tables for your liking? Send a mobile coupon in a pinch and all those diners who are out waiting on lines or trying to decide where to go now have a coupon to your restaurant.
  • As Part of a Frequent Diner Program – reward your regulars by offering them coupons as part of a frequent diner program. This is also a great way to quickly build an opt-in list for future mobile marketing endeavors.

Restaurant Mobile Coupon Strategy: Who Ya Gonna Call?

How about Trumpia? Why not? After all, they’re leaders in the mobile marketing field.

Their web-based mobile marketing software is top of the line, packed with useful features (one of them being, you guessed it, mobile coupons), and priced to fit any budget.

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If you’re serious about creating a mobile coupon campaign for your restaurant, then you need to check out Trumpia today. Talk with their expert staff and you’ll be on the ground running in no time.


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