School Recruiters Are Using Text Message Marketing Services

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Universities are using SMS Text Marketing for School Recruiting as well as SMS Alerts for Students

School SMS Marketing Text AlertsAs a school recruiter you act as a sort of middleman between your school’s administration and prospective students. You shuttle information between the two, making it accessible to those who most need it and whom the administration is most interested in attracting.

You probably spend a lot of time going to various fairs and talking to high school students, handing out brochures and informational booklets. But once those events are over, the connection is severed. Maybe they visit the school website and read through the brochure. Maybe they don’t.

What if there was a way for you to maintain that connection beyond the initial contact? What if there was a way to build upon that relationship, answering whatever questions those students forgot or didn’t think to ask during the initial meeting?

There is, it is called mobile text marketing and it’s becoming more and more popular among college recruiters, and for good reason.

Mobile Text Marketing for Schools 101

With mobile text marketing, you can guarantee that the information your institution has available makes it to the students you are interested in attracting. Here are a few ways that you can use mobile text marketing when recruiting for your college.

  • Opt-in Lists – When you meet bright young high school students who are interested in further inquiry into what your college has to offer them, rather than directing them to a website and asking that they do the research for themselves, you can have them sign up their mobile number on a list that will receive relevant information and updates.
  • Mobile Keywords – If students are on the fence and aren’t interested in signing up for a list, you can provide them with a list of mobile keywords. By texting these keywords to a specific number, they can receive the information they are looking for on their mobile phones without ever having to research it on the web for themselves.

Mobile Text Marketing for Schools- Speak the Student’s Language

Texting is an extremely comfortable and familiar means of communicating for today’s high school students. By using mobile text marketing as a way to spread information about your college, you effectively eliminate any perceived barriers or gaps and speak to students in a language that they understand.

The average high school student doesn’t read their e-mail daily because they don’t have to. While this is still a common means of communication for the professional world, high school students prefer to use texting and social networks to communicate with friends and family. Text message marketing is the only form of marketing that can provide the instantaneous transmission of data available in e-mail, with the familiarity available in social networks.

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SMS Text Marketing for College Recruiters – You Don’t Need a Scholarship to Pay to Afford it

SMS text marketing for your school has never been easier or more affordable. With the help of a company experienced in the use of mobile marketing software and strategy such as Tatango you can easily set up a mobile marketing platform that will greatly improve your recruitment efforts. They offer a variety of affordable plans to suit your needs and the sooner that you check out their website; the sooner you’ll be able to improve your schools ability to funnel relevant information to promising students.


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Andrew French December 26, 2012 at 11:54 am

All the kids use smart phones these days. Many of them have their faces glued to them at all times. If you are recruiting for a school, why not use the one method guaranteed to get their fickle attention?