SMS Marketing for Nonprofits – Mobile Donation Strategies

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Marketing is Now a Must for any Nonprofit interested in Mobile Donations

Nonprofit SMS Marketing and DonationsMobile marketing for nonprofit organizations is growing for many of the same reasons that it is growing in all areas of business and industry. Mobility is the way to go for the future of commerce and technology.

If your nonprofit wants to stay on top of the latest trends in marketing and communication, then an SMS text marketing campaign is a must. Read on to find out exactly how a mobile marketing campaign with text message marketing can help your nonprofit reach out and stay in contact with both donors and volunteers.

SMS Text Marketing for Nonprofits is on the Rise

The growth of the use of SMS marketing by nonprofits is due to several factors.

  • Mobile marketing growth nationally has contributed to a greater awareness of mobile marketing as a strategy and has led to a refinement of methods and techniques
  • The growth of popularity of mobile phones and the falling costs of SMS messaging plans

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Nonprofit Text Message Marketing – Take Advantage of Text to Donate

When it comes to making donations easier, nothing beats text donations. No matter where donors are or what they are doing, with a simple text they can send you the funds that your nonprofits needs to continue working.

Nonprofit Mobile Marketing Strategies – Not a Golden Bullet

One thing that is very important to remind about SMS marketing, and marketing in general, is that there is no such thing as a “golden bullet.” No marketing initiative is going to take care of all the work by itself.

However, mobile marketing, and SMS marketing in particular, can go a very long way toward improving and augmenting the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Include Mobile Keywords on existing marketing materials so that people can text in to find out more information
  • Include the number for an Opt-In List on existing marketing materials so mobile phone owners can text in and register to receive regular updates via text.

Nonprofit Text Message Marketing Companies – Trumpia is the Leader

If you want an inexpensive and feature-rich solution for your nonprofit’s SMS marketing campaign you need to check out Trumpia. They have all of the features you’d expect from any mobile marketing provider worth their salt, and they have a variety of pricing plans to fit any budget. Head over to Trumpia and get your nonprofit mobilized.



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