Text Message Marketing News

by Michael Armstrong

Text Message Marketing The basic gist in recent text message marketing news is this: text message marketing isn’t going anywhere. It continues to be an effective part of a mobile marketing campaign for any business.

It is widely understood that most people are texting now, whether they own a basic cell phone or the latest and greatest smartphone. Texting reaches a wide audience, has a high response rate and is extremely cost-effective to use.

Text Message Marketing is here to Stay!

Text message marketing isn’t just staying; it also continues to grow. Most recently, text message donations were approved for use by political campaigns. This is big news in what promises to be a huge election year, and the Obama campaign was the first to jump on the text-to-donate bandwagon. For example, simply by texting the word “GIVE” to a short code, supporters can donate a quick and easy $10.

In another politically related move, the Romney campaign used text messaging to announce his pick for running mate, as did the Obama campaign back in 2008. It highlights the fact that text messaging is an effective way for any business, not just political campaigns, to make important announcements to its customers. Customers who feel that they are “in the know” are repaying those businesses with their loyalty.

Text Marketing for Businesses

More businesses are linking text messaging with social media in order to boost sales. Companies have found a way to attract more consumers to their Facebook and Twitter pages by providing mobile coupons to those who do. For example, a theater chain has a mobile marketing campaign where customers go to their Facebook page, “like” the page, enter their mobile number, and then receive mobile coupons to redeem in the theater.

A campaign like this increases traffic on a company Facebook page, increases the company’s cell phone database, and provides value to the consumers who opt in by liking the page and providing their cell number.

An interesting study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project suggests that by watching how teenagers use texting, the future of mobile marketing clear. The Pew study found that teens are texting more each year, with the average teen now sending 60 text messages per day.

It is easy to see that this texting generation will affect mobile marketing as they grow. They prefer texting to other forms of communication, making engagement through texting a must for these future consumers.

SMS Marketing is Growing!

SMS marketing software continues to grow in popularity, with some software providers such as Tatango offering more features than ever before. For example, Tatango now offers scheduled texts, making it easy for a business owner to decide in advance what texts or mobile coupons should be sent, and even easier to pre-schedule their delivery to consumers. Features like this make SMS marketing even more beneficial and easier for marketers to use.

QR Codes and Text Marketing

QR codesQR codes and mobile coupons remain an important aspect of a text message campaign. Companies are finding that linking QR codes to mobile coupons provides a better value for their customers and brings a bigger return on investment.

QR codes provide a way for customers to opt in to a business texting club, where they can receive periodic offers and mobile coupons with enticing discounts attached. Dunkin’ Donuts recently began a mobile coupon strategy in its Boston stores, and increased their business by over 20% in return. Text messaging and mobile coupons continue to be an effective part of mobile marketing.

Text Marketing Trends

Text messaging trends evident among teenagers predict strong growth for the future of SMS marketing. As more and more mobile phones become smartphones, MMS messaging will also play a role in marketing and businesses will begin sending picture and video ads along with their text ads. Stay ahead of the curve by adopting a text marketing strategy for your business today.

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