Top Five Mobile Marketing Ideas for Bars & Nightclubs

by Michael Armstrong

Take your Bar & Nightclub Marketing Plan to new Hights

Bar and Nightclub Marketing StrategiesMobile marketing is quickly establishing itself as one of the most cost-effective strategies available to business owners today. For bars and nightclubs, in particular, it has proven to be the best marketing strategy, by far, and it makes sense.

Nightclubs and Bars are social establishments – They need to engage with their customers on a social level. In this day and age, technology – mobile technology in particular – is the way that more and more people are socially interacting. It is familiar and comfortable for them.

Why Your Nightclub or Bar Needs Mobile Marketing

Just consider the demographic your nightclub or bar is trying to reach. The patrons that you want to attract have grown up with technology everywhere. Traditional print advertising just isn’t going to cut it. To get you started on your way toward a mobile marketing strategy that brings about the results you’re looking for, here are five ideas.

Idea #1 – Print/Mobile Hybrid

Traditional print marketing alone may no longer be enough, but one great way to spread the word about your mobile campaign and to get customers to register for your text marketing opt-in list is to include a mobile number on business cards, flyers, etc.

Idea #2 – Mobile Coupons

Your nightclub or bar is going to have slow nights, but with mobile marketing you can change that. On a night that’s usually slow, say thank you to the customers who have registered for your mobile list by sending them a coupon, perhaps free cover or a free drink.

Idea #3 – Text for More Info

Provide your customers with a mobile number that they can text in order to go relevant info about what’s happening in your nightclub or bar. Allow them to find out about lives DJs or music, specials, events, etc.

Idea #4 – Hold a Mobile Contest

When you’ve got a packed house, make an announcement that the first X number of people to text in win a contest. Not only does this get the crowd excited, it also adds all of those numbers to your messaging list, greatly increasing your impact.

Idea #5 – Use QR Codes

The possibilities for QR codes are limitless. You can add them to traditional print advertising so that customers can access additional information. You can hide them as part of a scavenger hunt. Use your imagination. Customers love feeling like they’ve uncovered some hidden information, and that’s what QR codes are for.



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